Hand-Crafted Products

All of the tumblers and shirts that I sell, I personally print to the best quality. Because these products are individually hand crafted, and no mass production, there may be small imperfections.

Quality Products

I provide affordable quality products to small businesses and hobbyists alike.

Wholesale Pricing

I offer wholesale pricing to small businesses that register with my site.

US Shipping

I ship to the
continental United States.
Because my products are hand crafted, please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery.
I am a small business, and unfortunately cannot afford to offer free shipping.

About Me

Stacy Dillingham - Owner
Hello, I want to introduce you to my small business. My name is Stacy Dillingham and, I started Dillingham boutique after being diagnosed with Epilepsy and MS; I couldn’t work any longer. I had an amazing job as an EMT and I loved being a positive influence in someone’s life at a very scary time in their life.  I loved serving my community.  After I was forced out of my dream job, I needed something in my life where I could still make a difference in someone’s life, even in a small way.
I’ve always wanted to own a boutique so, I decided that my diagnosis would not define me however, my small boutique took an unexpected turn which, turned out to be a happy accident.  I started out thinking I was going to carry clothing.  I was also making epoxy/glitter tumblers as a hobby until I developed a sever allergy to epoxy and was unable to continue what I really enjoyed doing.  I decided to provide a better way for people to be able to purchase supplies for this very expensive hobby or business.  There had to be a better way for people to get supplies so, I started researching suppliers and started testing the water to see if there was a market and there was a huge market and people were very interested in being able to purchase their supplies at true wholesale prices and that is when my boutique took a path that led me to where I am now and, I couldn’t be happier.
I am now offering wholesale prices to other small business owners and providing the best quality and prices to hobbyist possible.
My goal is to make crafting and supplies affordable to everyone.  I also offer completed tumblers and t-shirts to those not interested in making there own but, want one already made.
Please consider becoming a part of my community

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